Your one stop shop for European rail tickets

Travelling is and adventure, booking the train tickets shouldn't be one. We started Railtic with the goal to make all European rail tickets available in one place. Want to take a direct 66 hour trip from Narvik to Palermo? We sell the tickets. We are proud of our offering, but not satisfied until all European rail tickets are available on Railtic.

Interrail? We provide all passes and reservations!

We sell Interrail passes and seat reservations, in one single transaction. Show and compare prices for reservations vs standard tickets and buy your Interrail pass together with the reservations. If you need assistance, please e-mail us at

Now with insurance and come-up-guarantee

Did you know that Railtic also offers a connection insurance via Europeiska ERV? With that insurance, you can get 24/7 service if your train is delayed so you miss the next one, regardless of train operator or country.