Interrail might be cheaper for longer routes

Do you plan to travel beyond the Alps? Then it is often cheaper to use an Interrail Pass. With an Interrail pass, you travel unlimitedly with most of Europe's train operators. You decide how many travel days it should last, and for how long. This is the best option for those who want to be more flexible and save money over longer distances.

Seat reservations can be added. On some trains it is mandatory with a reservation, mostly on high-speed trains and night trains. In our travel planner it is shown directly if a seat reservation is possible or even mandatory.

Mandatory reservation. You have to have a seat (or sleeping) reservation to be allowed to board the train.

Optional seat reservation. It is possible to get a reservation, but you can also board the train without one and find yourself a free seat.

All prices are in SEK.

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Current prices
4 days within 1 month (Flexi)
4 days within 1 month (Flexi) 2 class 1 class
Youth 2688 SEK 3344 SEK
Adult 3505 SEK 4379 SEK
Senior 3183 SEK 3965 SEK
5 days within 1 month (Flexi)
5 days within 1 month (Flexi) 2 class 1 class
Youth 2999 SEK 3735 SEK
Adult 3907 SEK 4896 SEK
Senior 3539 SEK 4436 SEK
7 days within 1 month (Flexi)
7 days within 1 month (Flexi) 2 class 1 class
Youth 3539 SEK 4425 SEK
Adult 4632 SEK 5816 SEK
Senior 4195 SEK 5264 SEK
10 days within 2 months (Flexi)
10 days within 2 months (Flexi) 2 class 1 class
Youth 4103 SEK 5149 SEK
Adult 5391 SEK 6782 SEK
Senior 4873 SEK 6127 SEK
15 days within 2 months (Flexi)
15 days within 2 months (Flexi) 2 class 1 class
Youth 5023 SEK 6311 SEK
Adult 6610 SEK 8323 SEK
Senior 5977 SEK 7518 SEK
15 days
15 days 2 class 1 class
Youth 4356 SEK 5471 SEK
Adult 5724 SEK 7208 SEK
Senior 5172 SEK 6518 SEK
22 days
22 days 2 class 1 class
Youth 5310 SEK 6667 SEK
Adult 6989 SEK 8806 SEK
Senior 6311 SEK 7955 SEK
1 month
1 month 2 class 1 class
Youth 6253 SEK 7875 SEK
Adult 8254 SEK 10416 SEK
Senior 7449 SEK 9404 SEK
2 months
2 months 2 class 1 class
Youth 7380 SEK 9301 SEK
Adult 9749 SEK 12314 SEK
Senior 8795 SEK 11106 SEK
3 months
3 months 2 class 1 class
Youth 8496 SEK 10697 SEK
Adult 11244 SEK 14211 SEK
Senior 10140 SEK 12820 SEK

Buying Interail Passes

You can purchase the Interrail Global Pass up to 11 months in advance. They are available for Youths ages 12-27, Adults ages 28-59 years and for Seniors ages 60 or over. The age limits must be fulfilled on the first travel day of the pass; birthdays while travelling are fine.

Two children free of charge per Adult

Everyone with an Adult Pass may bring two children under age 12, free of charge. They get their own Interail passes free of charge, with the same validity as the Adult Pass. Children up to age of 4 can share seats with an adult and do not need their own reservation.

For more than two children per Adult, a separate Youth Pass must be purchased for each aditional child. Youths and seniors who want to bring children with them for free have to buy Interrail passes for adults. When travelling with children, there must be at least one person in the company above 18.

Childrens tickets are only available by email order:

Interrail Mobile Pass

Interrail Mobile Passes are completely digital and displayed in your mobile phone. You decide when to activate it, within 11 months from the purchase. Please be careful if anyone in the company will soon turn 12, 28 or 60. It is the age on the first travel day of the pass that matters, regardless of when it is bought.

Once you have paid, you will receive an email confirmation within a few days for the Interrail Mobile Pass to the email address you provide in the order. Download the Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner app to your mobile phone, via the App Store or Google Play. Enter all the information in the app and activate/register your mobile pass number from confirmation email. Instructions can be found in the Rail Planner app or on In the upper part of the confirmation you will see the activation period for the mobile pass (which extends 11 months from the date of purchase).

Eurail/Interrail has published a number of frequent questions and answers, as well as information on the technical requirements for the Rail Planner app and mobile passes.

Refund is possible

All Interrail passes can be refunded, including those bought during promotional periods.

Interrail Mobile Passes can be refunded as long as they have not been activated. They are refunded with the pass value, with deduction of the booking fee.

Interrail passes on paper can be refunded with deduction of the booking fee and additionally 15% of the price. Refunds are accepted up to two business days before the first validity date. Please contact us for refund value and refunds. If you get ill and can show a medical certificate, only the booking fee is deducted from the refund value.